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Odd Fellows Recreation Club

Wastewater Management Project

Odd Fellows Park is a community of 205 residences situated on the Russian River upstream from Guerneville. Project planning was completed December 1998.

Phase I, of the project, which addressed the rental cabins and club related buildings was designed and constructed in 1998. Lescure Engineers furnished topographic mapping services for Phase I.

Lescure Engineers was subsequently hired to provide civil engineering and surveying services for Phase II under the management of Peter Lescure, PE and Jeffrey Loe, PE. Phase II required a compressed timeline that would mesh with the Park’s seasonal operations; this required that engineering and construction proceed simultaneously. Lescure Engineers design team began working on Phase II in February 1999. The first permits were issued in May 1999, and the final permits were issued March 2000. Construction began in May 1999 and was completed in August 2001. Project costs were held to $10,500 per household for engineering and construction costs.

Odd Fellows Recreation Park
The Odd Fellows Recreation Club wastewater treatment leachfield is located beneath the baseball diamond.

The system serves 205 residential connections. It is designed to accommodate 46,000 GPD peak design flow. The collection system consists of 17 interceptor tanks, four effluent lift stations (duplex) and one central effluent collection sump (triplex). The dual disposal system is comprised of a summer disposal field with six zones and a winter disposal field with three zones. There are 5,900 lineal feet (1.2 miles) of leachline and 22,500 lineal feet (4.3 miles) of trench for collector sewer.

One primary design objective was to flood proof the system to prevent inflow and silt intrusion. Electrical controls were installed above flood elevation with backup power supply for reliability. A hybrid STEP / STEG collection system was used to remove solids and convey effluent wherever possible. The design strategy was to use as few pumps as possible, while maintaining reliability. A central effluent collection sump is used for pumping to disposal field. Use of a telemetry control panel at the central sump aids monitoring and trouble shooting.

Lescure Engineers, Inc. was awarded the 2002 CELSOC Engineering Excellence Honor Award for this project.


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