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Jeffrey S. Loe, PE, QSD/QSP                                             Senior Project Engineer


Jeffrey S. Loe, PE joined Lescure Engineers’ staff in 1991. He is Senior Project Engineer with over 25 years of experience in civil engineering and land development. His experience includes: project planning and feasibility; site review, testing, surveying and mapping; processing of use permits, subdivisions, boundary adjustments, annexations and waste discharge reports; design and preparation of improvement plans; construction contract assistance, construction observations and system startups. Mr. Loe has managed and designed projects involving municipal sewer collection and water distribution, onsite wastewater treatment and disposal, site grading, storm water management, ponds, reservoirs, roadways, LID and erosion control systems. He has worked with public and private sector clients on a wide variety of residential, municipal, commercial and agricultural developments. He is expert in siting and designing onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal systems including field testing, data collection, evaluation, and cumulative impact analysis. He performs and/or oversees technicians doing site evaluation, plan preparation and construction observation of conventional & alternative wastewater systems. He has designed hundreds of wastewater management systems including: sewer and STEP/STEG collection systems, conventional leach fields, mounds, at-grade beds, pressure distribution trenches, bottomless sand filters, evapotranspiration systems, single pass and recirculating packed bed filters, wastewater stabilization ponds, constructed wetlands, and subsurface drip dispersal fields.

Mr. Loe is proficient in computer applications for project management, engineering design and CAD drafting, hydrology and hydraulics calculations, specification writing and construction cost estimating. He is experienced in directing the efforts of geotechnical consultants and surveyors. As a QSD/QSP he is able to develop and implement SWPPP’s (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans) under the California Construction General Permit. Selected examples of Mr. Loe’s project experience are shown below.


Bachelor of Science - Environmental Resources Engineering 1991, Humboldt State University


Professional Civil Engineer, California C57425

Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) & Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP), California #21226

Master Green Building Professional, U.S. Green Building Council-Redwood Empire Chapter


U.S. Bureau of Land Management - Hydrologic Technician for watershed rehabilitation project.

EA Engineering Science and Technology - Hydrologic Technician for fishery recovery project.

U.S. Indian Health Service - Engineering COSTEP for regional water and wastewater projects.

Hartridge Property Management - Manager for small community water system.


City of Santa Rosa – Administration Drive Water & Sewer Replacement

Mr. Loe was Project Engineer for preparation of engineered improvement plans, specifications, and construction cost estimates for utility replacement and street reconstruction within the Sonoma County Administration Center. The improvements were installed in a congested roadway leading to the offices of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, the Permit and Resource Management Department, Social Services Department, Sheriff’s Office, Courthouse, County Jail and other County offices. The design consisted of abandonment and replacement of approximately 1450 lineal feet of sanitary sewer main and replacement of existing sanitary sewer laterals. The project also included permanent abandonment of a water main connection. The design also included pavement repair.

City of Santa Rosa – Lillie Drive Water & Sewer Replacement

The project involved preparation of improvement plans, technical specifications and construction cost estimate for replacement of sanitary sewer collection main and laterals, replacement water main and services and roadway reconstruction in a 60 year old neighborhood. Sewer improvements included 730 lineal feet of 8’inch sewer main, three manholes and 21 sewer laterals. Water improvements included 900 lineal feet of 8-inch water main, new control valves and fire hydrants and twenty new residential services. Roadway reconstruction improvement included 900 lineal feet of roadway, replacement of curb and gutter, valley gutter, sidewalk and two curb ramps for accessibility by disabled persons. Technical specifications included sections on dust control, pedestrian and traffic control, existing facilities, earthwork, asphalt pavement and concrete, contaminated soil and groundwater disposal, sewers and manholes, water mains and materials recycling. The objective was to design the replacement sewer and water systems so that they would meet current code requirements and could be installed without service interruptions.

City of Santa Rosa – Orchard Neighborhood Water & Sewer Replacement

The project was to provide engineered improvement plans, specifications, and construction cost estimates for utility replacement and street reconstruction within several streets in the Junior College neighborhood of Santa Rosa. The scope was similar to the Lillie Drive project described above at a larger scale.

City of Santa Rosa – Bethards Neighborhood Water & Sewer Replacement

The project was to provide engineered improvement plans, specifications, and construction cost estimates for utility replacement and street reconstruction within several streets in the Bethards neighborhood of Santa Rosa. The scope in scope and scale to the Orchard neighborhood project described above. .

County of Sonoma – Central Landfill Onsite Wastewater Treatment System

Mr. Loe designed an onsite wastewater treatment system, permitted and constructed in 2001, to serve a new office building that was never built. Mr. Loe evaluated the condition of the unused system in May 2016 and found that the system was still in serviceable condition. The initial waste flow estimate included 16-22 employees. The system, designed for a peak flow of 760 GPD, consists of dual filled land type leach fields. The system also included a 143% reserve / replacement capacity. He concluded that there is residual capacity available for a proposed Materials Recovery Facility / Recycle Operation.

County of Sonoma Transportation & Public Works – Highway 12 Stormwater Filter Study

Mr. Loe was Project Manager for a performance study of eight Filterra bioretention vaults installed in the State Highway 12 right-of-way in The Springs area of Sonoma Valley. Visual inspections were conducted before, during and after qualifying storm events for evidence of turbidity reduction. Three infiltration rate measurements were conducted. Another infiltration rate measurement was not able to be conducted due to excessive clogging of the inlets causing full bypass of the units.

Odd Fellows Recreation Club – Community Wastewater Collection & Treatment System

Mr. Loe served as Project Manager for the OFRC project located in a community of 205 residences situated on the forested banks of Russian River. Lescure Engineers provided civil engineering and land surveying for 22,500 lineal feet of sanitary sewer collection and an onsite wastewater treatment system with a design flow of 46,000 gallons per day. Engineering and construction proceeded simultaneously. Construction occurred between May 1999 and August 2001. Engineering and construction costs were held to $10,500 per household. To minimize trenching costs some trenches contain a gravity sanitary sewer main flowing in one direction and a force main flowing in the opposite direction. Interceptor tanks are employed to remove solids. Four neighborhood lift stations with duplex pumping systems convey wastewater out of low lying neighborhoods. A central disposal lift station utilizes a triplex pumping system and telemetric control panel to convey wastewater to disposal fields. Mr. Loe’s design strategy was to use as few pumps as possible, while maintaining reliability. Four backup power systems were specified for increased reliability of the five lift stations. Periodic flooding required that the collection system be designed to prevent inflow of floodwater and silt. Electrical controls and generators were installed above flood elevation. Separate winter and summer leachfields contain a total of 5,900 lineal feet of leachline. The Odd Fellows Wastewater Management Project, which was awarded a CELSOC Engineering Excellence Award in 2002. The system has been successfully operated for 15 years.

Western Hills Mobile Home Park – Community Wastewater Collection and Treatment System

Jeffrey S. Loe, PE served as Project Engineer for design of an onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) to replace the existing failed leachfield system serving a mobile home and recreational vehicle community located near the Russian River. System design flow is 10,000 gallons per day. It consists of 62,000 gallons of tankage, four Orenco Advantex AX100 textile filters for treatment and four subsurface drip disposal zones totaling approximately 8,100 linear feet of Geoflow subsurface drip tubing. A duplex pumping system is used for the discharge system while four double duplex pumps are specified for the treatment system. The pumps are controlled by a single telemetric control panel that is equipped with redundant alarm systems. Mr Loe also designed a new sanitary sewer collection system to eliminate high rates of infiltration through the old sanitary collection system. The design scope eventually expanded into design of a complete water, natural gas, electrical and telephone utility upgrade for the park.

Jeffrey S. Loe, P.E.






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