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URJ Camp Newman

Camp Newman dates from the 1950s, where the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) hosts up to 700 campers and counselors at summer camp and retreats for adults during the remainder of the year. The 450 acre property is located on Porter Creek Road, about ten miles east of Santa Rosa. The new wastewater system fulfills the requirements of  URJs new master plan to allow for remodeling and expansion of the existing facility.

Wastewater treatment consists of four AX-Max units which have the capacity to treat up to 40,000 GPD of effluent per day. The maximum daily disposal capacity of the Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SSDI) system is 20,000 GPD.  Peak flow equalization for 20,000 GPD is provided by storage capacity in two of the AX-Max units and a supplemental storage tank.

To learn more.....http://www.lescure-engineers.com/nss-folder/pictures/Camp%20Newman%20Project%20Description%20.pdfCamp Newman Project Description .pdf

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