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Safety Policies

At K.G. Walters Construction, safety is the key element of our corporate culture. Management feels that accident prevention is a function of management and contributes to efficient and profitable operations. Our employees are a tangible asset of the company and their safety and well-being are essential to its continued success.

With this in mind, each superintendent and foreman is expected to recognize his responsibility for the prevention of accident losses. This refers not only to injury producing accidents, but to all others as well.

When new employees are hired they are required to undergo drug testing and then are given a safety orientation to orient them in company safety practices and programs. Employees are encouraged to attend safety certification classes.

Industrial injuries are always costly to the injured workman and can be disastrous to his future and the security of his family. All employees play a role in their own safety and the safety of those working around them.

It is our desire to make every reasonable effort to provide safe working conditions. To accomplish this, we will provide all reasonable safeguards, training, safe working equipment and any necessary personal protection equipment.

All of our employees are expected to follow safe work practices and to take an active part in our accident prevention program.

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