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After working as a Field and Design Engineer for CalTrans and Santa Clara County Flood Control, Ken spent 5 years working for other contractors before then starting K.G. Walters Construction in 1974. Since the company’s inception, Ken has put dealing fairly with Owners and Engineers first and dealing with attorneys a very distant second. Ken is almost as proud of the fact that K.G. Walters hasn’t been involved in litigation since 1990 as he is of the over 150 projects successfully completed since 1974.

K.G. Walters has come a long way from the one-man operation it was in 1974, but Ken's strong spirit and honest way of doing business have shaped the current company into one with decisive, innovative management and crews that get the job done in a hurry with a minimum of hassle.

Meet the People of K.G. Walters
Ken Walters, Founder
Walt Johnson,
President, CEO
Dave Backman,
Senior Vice President
Tom Crotty,
Vice President
Rick McKnight,
Project Manager

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